Pilar’s diary in China

A spin of the magic net takes Pilar, Breno, and Samba the cat to China, in the other side of the world! The trio travels in search of clues regarding Pilar's father, and on the way there, they meet Fang Fang, a girl with whom they end up fighting together to save her family and her city, swamped by the Black Dragon's fury!

In order to calm it down, Pilar and her friends will cross the Great Wall of China, paddy fields of rice, Beijing, and more. With the help of Confucius and several other characters, they will discover secret herbs, magical fruits, a fabulous treasure, and the story of the first Cinderella that we know of...

If you want to learn more about this amazing country that brought noodles, the compass, toilet paper, ancient philosophy and medicine to the world, don't miss this trip!