Pilar is a curious and adventurous girl who loves discovering myths from around the world, always defending nature, animals, and people.

Along with her more-than-friend Breno and her cat Samba, she embarks on her magical hammock to venture out into the world. Pilar has already been to Greece, the Amazon, Egypt, Machu Picchu, Africa, China…

Now, Pilar has just returned from her trip to India!

“I created Pilar in 2001. At that time, the book was called ‘Pilar’s Adventures in Greece’ (Peripécias de Pilar na Grécia), with illustrations by Felipe Sussekind. After that, another version was created with illustrations by Renata Richard. Then, the book ‘Pilar’s Trip do Egypt’ (Agito de Pilar no Egito) had illustrations done by José Carlos Lollo. In 2010, I decided to redo the collection and turned Pilar’s travel accounts into diaries. I invited Joana Penna to do the illustrations and the books tuned out beautiful! Now, Pilar has come to life with cartoons made by Mono Estúdios, directed by Bruno Bask and Humberto Avellar.”

Pilar books

New book…
Pilar’s Diary in India

In this adventure in India, Pilar meets the actress Kamala, who runs away from a filming session in search of her brother Rahul. He wants to attain Moksha. Pilar discovers meditation and goes through a great journey of self-discovery.

Imagem Pilar para pintar
Pilar segurando planeta

The books of the “Pilar’s Diary”
series are Illustrated by
Joana Penna


“Pilar’s Diary” book series have already been translated into French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Polish!
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“Pilar’s Diary” (Diário de Pilar) has also become a TV series and premiered on Nat Geo Kids channel in 2020, where it airs every day at 5:30 pm and on Disney Channel every day at 11:30 am.

Have you watched it yet? The directors are Humberto Avelar and Bruno Bask.
Produced by Mono Estúdios.
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